Why Soccer Is the World’s Best Sport


In soccer, passion is everywhere. It engulfs you and surrounds you. It’s seen at the park next door, when someone scores the winning goal, it’s seen in leagues everywhere, and it’s seen at the biggest stage as well. Soccer burns a fiery heart in people’s souls that they can’t get enough of. There’s no sport quite like it.

That’s what passion does. It brings people together and lets them enjoy the sport they love. You feel the passion in your veins when you play and watch the game, when you watch Camp Nou bowing to Messi after scoring a spectacular goal, or when the Bernabeu salutes Ronaldo after yet another hat-trick. In soccer, passion is synonymous with the game.

Poverty is not an obstacle

What is necessary to play soccer? You need two players (although you can still do many things by yourself as well), two nets, made up of anything from stones to schoolbags to shoes if you’re really desperate, and a ball. Of course, a round object that can roll and is of decent size can apply as well. Equipment is kept to bare minimum as well, as opposed to sports like hockey or football, where good equipment can cost thousands of dollars.

Soccer is played on the poorest streets of third world countries as much as it’s played in rich countries. It gives the poor hope and something that will connect them to one another, and teaches them the value of the beautiful game. A nice example of soccer’s power to ease poverty is in India, where a league gathering slum dwellers and homeless people called Slum Soccer was created.


Are you a 60-year old man or a five-year old girl? No matter, what these two opposite age groups have in common is that they can both still play soccer. It’s so simple and easy to play that pretty much anyone can do it and enjoy themselves. There are organized leagues for every age group, parks with nets all over the world, and willing people that love the game in abundance.

According to a survey done by FIFA, there are over 270 million people playing soccer regularly around the world; in other words, four per cent of the world’s population. The study was also scientifically monitored by a leading social studies organization. No other sport in the world comes close to soccer’s popularity internationally and that is because anybody can play the game.

Easy to learn

Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to explain the rules of a sport to someone and failing miserable while they aimlessly stare into your eyes? There’s a reason that happens; sports are complicated. They’re littered with rules and norms that can take a while to understand.

Compared to other sports, soccer is as simple as it gets. Don’t touch the ball with your hands and try to get it into the other net. Don’t foul anyone without touching the ball first. Throw the ball back in when it goes out. Once you’ve explained the offside concept, the yellow and red cards, and corners, you have yourself a game. Of course, technique and structure are a different story.

Skill and technique

To play soccer, skill on the ball and great technique are absolutely necessary if you hope to play the game right. For some people, mastering the art of controlling the ball with your feet and making it move how you want it to move is extremely difficult. It requires a light yet confident touch of the ball, and assertiveness when passing in tight quarters. Soccer, when approaching the net, becomes a game of inches, and that’s when the real talent emerges.

Soccer fields are pretty big, and having the vision and ability to see the field and the passing opportunities is also a skill that many people argue people are born with. All in all, a player with this skill is amazing to watch, and watching soccer professionally is a feast of amazing skill and technique.